Blockchain Development Services

Build a strong core for your next application with blackshot, a blockchain services provider recognized for cross-industry expertise and a drive for continuous improvement.

Cross-industry blockchain services

What types of blockchain applications can we build? Well, that’s your call! Our team is ready to step in at any stage of product development — MVP, pilot, full-scale implementation, or product elaboration — and take full ownership of the project through its successful completion.

Enterprise blockchain

Build a distributed ledger adapted to your organization’s needs. Private or hybrid, 100% tamper-proof and cryptographically-protected against any cybersecurity breaches. Set up a new tech backbone for secure collaboration, data exchanges, and storage with our blockchain services company.

Blockchain wallets

Launch a standalone cold wallet for cryptocurrencies or incorporate a secure multi-coin blockchain wallet into your existing product. Intellias UX/UI team will ensure its attractive front-end, while our blockchain development team will make it fully secure to use.

Smart contracts

Wave goodbye to the low-value, repetitive operational processes. Get our team on board to develop self-executing EVM smart contracts that cannot be breached, compromised or disregarded. Conduct secure, fast and reliable transactions without intermediaries.

Decentralized apps (dApps)

Break into a brand new world of decentralized apps that run on open standards. Deploy new user-centered products on public blockchain networks. Reduce operational costs, boost customer data security and eliminate any centralized points of failures.

Blockchain-based marketplaces

The technological nature of blockchain as a shared ledger naturally facilitates the creation of P2P, B2B and B2C marketplaces. Explore the new reality of “shared economy” where every transaction is cryptographically protected, transparent, fraud-free and low-cost.

Business blockchain platforms

Supply chain management, provenance tracking, digital identity management, healthcare data storage, automated insurance quotes or voting – market-ready business blockchain use cases are multiplying. Will you stand at the vanguard of technology innovations?

Strengthen security

Customer data protection is critical in any industry. With regulations tightening and customer concerns over personal data usage mounting, blockchain may be that optimal solution to your data management struggle. Remain compliant by breaking off the “customer data hoarding” habit. Instead, take advantage of blockchain’s peer-to-peer nature to request, exchange and store critical information on a distributed shared ledger in a secure, transparent and traceable manner.

Leverage blockchain development technologies to set up a new-gen record-keeping system, fully resistant to internal and external breaches, fraud and cyber attacks. Reduce the risks of becoming a “single point of failure” – as many enterprises already had – along with costs of storing, managing and securely exchanging sensitive data. With blockchain as a backbone, each transaction is encrypted and distributed to nodes across a network of authorized users instead of being stored on a single server.

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Bust operational bottlenecks

Blockchain as a service solutions can replace paper-heavy, error-prone and time-consuming processes, taxing your teams and preventing your business from scaling. Leverage the “code is law” properties of smart contracts to embed automated workflows in your products: settle transactions faster, reduce reconciliation efforts and costs, minimize errors and eliminate fraud.

Set repeatable workflows on auto-pilot and ensure that all the necessary conditions are met before you take any further action. Placing smart contracts at the core of your operations saves your business time, money and sanity, as well as opens up new business models and product types. Effectively track and trace any data you need. Access any data stored on the blockchain on-demand. Build trust and transparency around your brand.

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Chop operational costs

Cut those intermediaries out of any deal your partake – leverage public blockchains to conduct secure deals at scale or have an enterprise blockchain services provider develop a private network for your organization and its partners. Plug new members as you need to securely run business with one another – exchange data records, payments, status updates and any other type of transaction information.

With blockchain technology solutions, you can securely strike any sort of deal cross-border without worrying about hefty processing fees, imposed by banks or payment processors. Neither you need to question the validity and truthfulness of the information being sent to you. Plug more partners to your digital ecosystem without any financial restraints from third-parties or security concerns.

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Industries we serve


Blockchain implementation for cryptocurrency payments, exchanges, and storage. Blockchain-powered back-office operations: KYC, digital identity management, data storage, and customer-facing solutions.


Unlock new business models and reduce operational costs with our range of blockchain development services for claims management, underwriting, data management, reinsurance and more.


Place patient data on a secure private ledger to facilitate storage, streamline data exchanges and reduce the compliance burden. Blockchain services for privacy-driven healthcare providers.


Enterprise blockchain services for telcos ready to move into the new era of connectivity. Streamline customer identity management, build better collaborations with multiple carries and minimize roaming costs to attract more business.


Accelerate connected vehicle technology by acquiring data from sensors to improve the in-car experience.


Financial technologies for innovators and Fortune 500 companies to keep up with market demands and changing financial and security regulations.


Shape customer behavior and goods consumption by implementing IoT devices to track the customer journey and create personalized offers.


Optimize energy consumption in houses, public buildings, and industrial facilities with custom IoT solutions for managing energy distribution.