Development of a new version of a personal account for according to the terms of EU

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Development of a new version of a personal account for according to the terms of EU

Website: Development time: 2 month is an investment blockchain project.
It sells BIT tokens (similar to stocks) backed by Internet assets with monthly dividend payments.
By investing in BIT tokens based on Etherium smart contracts, you become a co-owner of Internet businesses with an average return of 20% per year.
For our part, we develop or buy ready-made projects with income from advertising and other commercial activities.
A personal account has been made for the investors to purchase tokens for fiat currencies USD, EUR, RUB and cryptocurrencies Etherium, Bitcoin.
The statistics of total profitability and per each project separately, the accumulation and payment of dividends, the order of withdrawals are presented.
One of the main advantages of the project is the buyback of tokens at a nominal price in a year, if the investor wishes.
The KYC procedure has been introduced, the security requirements of banks and payment systems have been fulfilled, AML procedures are used in semi-automatic mode.

The work performed:

  • Personal account for investors
  • Design and landing page
  • Ethereum smart contract

The work performed:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • SPA


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